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Special Police Seventh Headquarters, National Police Agency

About 7SPC
The Seventh Special Police Corps, 7SPC, was established on January 1st, 2014, aiming to solve the growing problems of nature reservation, environment protection and forest and National Parks guarding.
The design of 7SPC is close to National Parks rangers in USA, who are officials employed by government to provide law and order (often against poaching). Our duties are originally confined to seeing that the Forest Law, National Parks Law and Environment Protection Law and so on.
The missions vary and diverse as the districts we serve as National Parks, forest administrations, reservoirs, Environmental Protection bureaus and Taiwan Bank (including branches).
The duties of our police officers depend on the missions assigned by headquarter like the parks where they serve and in recent years have become, all of what happens makes more highly specialized.
Regardless of the regular duties of any one discipline, the goal of all officers remain to protect the natural resources for future generations and to protect visitors. This goal is accomplished by the professionalism and sometimes overlapping of the different divisions, such as law enforcement, interpretation and education, emergency and medicine and search and secure.
We have a vision to better our homeland, Taiwan, an even more fabulous island forever and ever. Please join us if you discover any law breaks and don’t hesitate to contact us. Watch the land under our footpath hand in hand with 7SPC.
Tel 886-229333942
Fax 886-229313587
Address No 15, Wan-Sheng Street, Wun Shan District, Taipei CIty